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Our Recognition

Dave Ramsey Endorsement

Endorsed Local Provider Recognition
Dave Ramsey Endorsement

Our agency is recognized as an Endorsed Local Provider of insurance products by Dave Ramsey. It's an honor to be endorsed by Dave Ramsey for our work in assisting others to reach their financial goals !

2021 marketplace Recognition, English
2021 marketplace Recognition, Spanish

Health Insurance Marketplace Recognition
2021 Elite Champions Award

Rickey was recently recognized as one of the Elite Circle of Champions of 2021 by the Health Insurance Marketplace. 100+ consumers enrolled in qualified health coverage in our local community !

2019 Marketplace Recognition

Health Insurance Marketplace Recognition
2019 Elite Champions Award

Rickey was recognized as one of the Elite Circle of Champions of 2019 by the Health Insurance Marketplace. Rickey's hardwork has helped to increase access to quality health care in our local community !

Allstate Award

Allstate Insurance National Recognition
2017 Distinguished Agency Award

Our Agency was also recognized as one of Allstate's top agents nationally for 2017. Thank you to all of our great customers for making this recognition possible ! It's an honor to be recognized by one of our providers for our work in serving the community !

2019 Award
2017 Award