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We Cover Farms, Ranches and Agribusinesses All Over VA

Every farm or ranch has different needs. At Galax Insurance, we offer several kinds of insurance to suit your situation. Give us an idea of the size of your enterprise, and we'll work to cover your buildings, equipment, animals, supplies and more. We'll craft a comprehensive policy built on protecting your home or business ― and your way of life.

We offer insurance to farms and ranches in all localities throughout Virginia, USA. Please one of our agents for more information.

What is Crop Insurance?

For farmers, bad weather can have especially catastrophic consequences. We offer crop insurance to keep your livelihood covered if things go wrong. The two most common forms of crop insurance are crop-yield insurance (which safeguards your crop on its historic average yield) and crop-revenue insurance (which is based on a certain dollar value per acre of the crop).  us to learn if we are offering crop insurance and see what we can do for you.

A Look at Equine Insurance

Whether you breed, board or train horses, they're an invaluable asset to your farm. Equine insurance can keep you and your animals safe when things go wrong. Forms of equine insurance can cover equine mortality (life insurance for your horse), equine liability (protection from a horse-related lawsuit), loss of use and certain veterinary costs. Mitigate your risk the smart way with a thorough equine insurance policy.

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Here at Galax Insurance, we understand how to build a comprehensive farm & ranch insurance policy by partnering with some of the country's top insurance providers.

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